Bespoke Joinery

Our purpose is to help you create original style by the careful matching of existing designs and skillfully blending the new with the old. 

Elegant and robust windows and conservatories made from the very finest woods such as Welsh Oak or Welsh Sweet Chestnut

Windows and frames for houses and conservatories can be manufactured in a wide variety of styles and woods. Whether you chose a traditional appearance to blend with your home's era or want to transform your home with a bright new approach, expert advice and guidance are all part of the service. 

Complex or obsolete designs in old or listed buildings can be restored or reproduced to the original specification. Replications can also be converted to use double glazing with hardly any noticeable change in appearance. 

All wood is treated with the pressure-sprayed finish of your choice (preservatives, paints, lacquers, varnishes etc). Each coating option has been carefully selected for its proven durability both internally and externally. 

High Quality Doors of Distinction For Every Room in the House

Whether you want a semi-glazed, solid wood door that is every bit as strong and beautiful as it looks, or an internal cottage door made from precisely cut, individual planks, Anthony A. Davies manufactures a wide range of doors and frames for every possible situation

Environmentally friendly woods from FSC approved suppliers are used wherever possible, that means the timber (hard or soft) is carefully selected from renewable sources, where forests are properly managed and have gained approval by the Forestry Stewardship Council.

Custom Made Staircases to Match Any Style of Property From The Very Latest Modern Designs to Ornate and Traditional Staircases of a Bygone Age.

Chose from a range of soft or hard woods and select from a variety of styles and finishes to suit your decor and the period of the building. Custom made shapes and discontinued profiles (mouldings) for older staircase, replication or refurbishment can also be produced. 

Experienced tradesmen who are fully conversant with the regulatory requirements will carefully guide you through all the available options. Your new staircase will be designed and built by expert craftsmen and the installation will be completed with the minimum amount of disruption to your everyday activities. 

From Concept Design all the way to Finished Installation

Anthony A Davies provides a complete service for fabulous looking, high-quality conservatories. An experienced designer will help you develop the perfect choice for your home. You can choose virtually any style (Georgian, Victorian etc) and any roof type available 

Each breathtaking design is project managed to extremely high standards and can include everything you will need; decoration, flooring, fittings, radiators, under floor heating, blinds etc. 

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Accoya is a high performance modified softwood (radiarta pine).  Radiarta pine is a very fast growing timber that lends itself to plantation growing, therefore making it a sustainable product.  Given that joinery manufactured in Accoya has a 50 Year life and Radiarta Pine is harvested at about 20 years you can grow three times more than you use.

Key Factors

  • Sustainable Source from FSC Forests
  • Stability - Dimensionally Stable
  • Longevity - 50 Year Timber Guarantee
  • Durability - Class 1 Rating
  • 12 Year Guarantee on Recommended Factory Applied Coatings
  • Most Economic Whole Life Cost
  • 20 year Grown, 50 Year Guarantee thus reducing harvesting by 50%

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Anthony A Davies

We Will:- 

Undertake Difficult Designs Such As Staircases. 

Recreate Original Designs.

Revive Worn Finishes. 

Repair and Replace Broken Components. 

Ensure Original Pattern Replacement. 

Meet Detailed Specifications. 

Use The Best Quality Wood And Materials. 

Now Using Accoya 

Anthony A Davies

Anthony A Davies




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